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Nunavut Gambling Laws & Canadian Gambling Laws

You may not know that, but Nunavut is the largest province in Canada that stretches its vast territory over the Arctic Archipelago. Nunavut province has about 116,000 people and has the highest percentage of Inuit, First Nation Peoples, and Metis in Canada. There are no territorial political parties, but there is a Nunavut consensus-based governance.

Despite it is an independent province, Nunavut follows the main Canadian laws, including the gambling legislation. There are no Nunavut gambling laws regulating casinos, but in August 2021, the province authorised its retail sportsbooks to offer single-event bets. Here is what more you need to know about gambling in Nunavut:

🎲 Nunavut Gambling
✔️ Details

⚖️ Nunavut Gambling Laws
Nunavut Lotteries Act (of 1988, Last Amended in 2021)

🍁 Canadian Gambling Laws
Canadian Criminal Code

👨‍💼 Authorities
Department of Health Department of Community and Government Services Western Canada Lottery Corporation

♠️ Land-Based Gambling

🎰 Online Gambling
Not illegal

🎂 Nunavut Gambling Age
19 for Casinos, Poker & Sports Betting 16 for Official Lotteries

💰 Winners Tax
Not Taxable Under Canadian Law (interest on the winnings is taxable)

🚓 Gambling Crimes
Illegal gambling activities are considered a crime, and perpetrators are punished

The Nunavut laws regulating gambling relate only to lotteries and sports betting. The situation in this Canadian province is quite interesting because the games legalised by the gambling laws in Canada are available, but there are a few places to play. The good thing is that Nunavut rules of court do not pursue online gamblers unless in exceptional circumstances we will mention further down this article.

There is no Nunavut prohibition over gambling games, so anyone over the legal gambling age can participate at licenced locations and online gambling sites. Any player who wins a prize while gambling is free from Nunavut taxes because the provincial government chose to follow Canadian laws.

Gambling Licences & Responsible Gambling in NU, Canada

Licences Regulations Books Laws

The Nunavut law about gambling states that any operator intending to offer wagering games must have a provincial licence. There is no surprise since this is the base requirement for all brick-and-mortar locations and for the best Canadian casinos online for 2023. In the next paragraphs, we will explain the licencing procedure and the responsible gambling policy in Nunavut province.

Gambling Licences in Nunavut, Canada

There might not be a Nunavut casino law, but there is a Department of Community and Government Services dealing with all gambling-related matters and monitoring all land-based and online gambling activities. Another responsibility is issuing licenses to casino operators, but so far, they are not regulated, so locals enjoy the best online casinos in Nunavut, Canada.

Any operator or retail location willing to offer Nunavut lottery and instant win games also needs a licence from the department. The application is sent to the Western Canada Lottery Corporation, and after approval and paid fee, the operator can offer lottery tickets, scratch cards, bingo, Nevada pull tickets, raffle tickets, 50/50 coupon tickets, charitable casino games, sports draft, and other licensed games.

Nunavut citizens like poker, so many locations hold tournaments and games. Those land-based gambling locations also need special Texas Hold’em Poker licence granted by the provincial government authorities.

Responsible Gambling Canada & Nunavut Department of Health

The Nunavut government has considered the negative sides of too much gambling. The issue is dealt with by the Department of Health and the Canadian Responsible Gambling Council. You can find the Nunavut’s responsible gambling measures on the province’s government site website. It is also good to check the Canadian Consumer Handbook and learn how consumers’ rights in Canada are protected.

Nunavut’s Land-Based Gambling Locations

Land-Based Gambling in Nunavut

The most interesting part of the Nunavut laws on gambling is the legal games players can enjoy at any time. The gambling statistics in Canada show the preferred games and that Nunavut players are equally fond of wagering. The main difference is that this giant province has few brick-and-mortar locations where you can enjoy the following legal games:

🎱 Nunavut Lottery is the most spread form of wagering in Nunavut. Players can visit a retail location and purchase a lotto ticket, scratch card, and other tickets for instant win games.

🎰 Slot Machines & VLTs (Video Lottery Terminals): those games of chance are legal in Canada and can be found at bars, taverns, and online at the best online slots sites in Canada.

♠️ Casinos & Casino Resorts: there are many hotels but no land-based casinos in Nunavut. If you wish to play at a genuine casino, you must travel to Diamond Tooth Gertie’s Gambling Hall in Yukon, Manitoba, or Ontario.

🦅 First Nations Casinos: there are no gambling establishments on tribal land, so if you wish to experience the authentic native spirit, check out our list of First Nation casinos in Canada.

🃏 Poker is an extremely popular form of gambling in Nunavut. There are Texas Hold’em tournaments, and Nunavut Hold’em Poker events in the entire province.

⚽ Sports Betting is legal, but there are few options for land-based wagering. The Sport Select program is the only option; bets are placed via local bookmakers. Nunavut has no professional sports teams to bet on, so the locals choose foreign teams.

🏇 Horse Racing: betting at land-based wagering locations and online is legal, but because of the severe weather, there are no permanent racetracks in Nunavut.

🎁 Charitable Gaming: the only legal form of casino games is for charity, and the gambling licence is issued for a brief period of a couple of days.

🍻 Private Bets: bets for fun are legal, but real money wagering is not allowed.

All games listed above and their variations are legal according to the Nunavut casino laws if you play at a licensed gambling location and you meet the requirements of the Nunavut gambling age. The vast distance and the low population are why there are no land-based casinos or big gambling halls. Locals visit retail locations to buy a lotto ticket or play online at the best real money online casinos in Canada.

Online Gambling & Nunavut’s Sport Select

Online Gambling Nunavut

At the beginning of this blog post, we explained the gambling regulation in the province, and you might have noticed that there is no Nunavut online gambling law, but the Canadian online gambling laws apply. There are also no Nunavut online casinos because no operator has applied for a licence. The reasons are the vast distances and the weather that could severely disrupt the internet connection.

Nunavut players can register at offshore online gambling sites, but there are a few conditions. First, the operator must not have a physical presence in Canada; second, the sites should be licenced by a legitimate government authority of another country. Nunavut players don’t need VPN (a virtual private network) because many offshore and foreign casinos accept Canadian players.

Before we move to online games, we recommend you choose online casinos and gambling sites with licences and regulations. They should allow Canadian dollar currency and payment methods to be available in Canada. Furthermore, bonuses and customer support should be available in English and/or French.

Online Casinos

Online Casino Slots

The Nunavut gambling laws do not specify mobile gaming but rest assured that you can freely use the top mobile casino apps in Canada on every modern tablet and phone. Online casinos are the only way Nunavut players can enjoy slots, RNG table games, and live dealer games. The downside is that you will not be able to play when the weather is bad or if you don’t meet the requirements of the legal gambling age set by the operator. Otherwise, all licenced offshore casinos are accessible since there are no local ones.

Online Lottery & Bingo

The Nunavut law on gambling allows NU players to enjoy the top online lotteries in Canada. The online version of the Nunavut Lottery is also provided by the Western Canada Lottery Corporation (WCLC). Players can try the sports draft lotteries on its official website – Sport Select. One cannot bet on a single event, which limits the range of opportunities for the customers).

Online Poker

Online Poker

Poker variations are among the most popular Nunavut games and many people kile to play at land-based establishments. Since there are a few land-based poker rooms for fond players, the locals direct their attention to the best online poker sites in Canada. We can say which are the favorite poker variations in Nunavut because there is a special province Texas Hold’em Poker licence and a Nunavut Hold’em Poker game. Any player at legal gambling age can register, deposit, and joyn the PvP games and the multiple tournaments.

Online Sports Betting & Horse Races

Without a Nunavut online gambling laws, players are not restricted in terms of licensed games. The single-game sports betting are legal, so players can wager on major sports or horse races. Since there are no major local teams and no Nunavut online casinos, locals and visitors of the province can register at the best sports betting sites in Canada.

eSports & Daily Fantasy Sports

Lately, eSports and Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) have growing popularity among young players. Since there are no Canadian government restrictions or Nunavut online gambling laws, players can freely play them. It is best to register at the new online casino sites in Canada or other licensed gambling websites offering those games.

Fun Activities in Nunavut, Canada

Fun in Nunavut, Canada

This blog post is dedicated to the Nunavut gambling laws and venues, but there is much more to do in this province. First, it is best always to keep an eye on the Iqaluit weather forecast because the weather can go bad, and it can get very cold amazingly fast. If you don’t believe us, keep in mind that the world’s northernmost permanently inhabited place, Alert, is in the Qikiqtaaluk Region, NU, Canada.

Many people who have tried the Canadian-themed slots get inspired to explore this vast and gorgeous land. If you also intend to plan a trip to the far north, then put your boots on, wear warm clothes, and go on a real adventure with those local thrills:

🦌 Arctic Wildlife Viewing

🎪 Arctiq Innuit Circus

🌌 Aurora Viewing

🦅 Birdwatching

🛶 Canoeing

🏕️ Camping

☃️ Cultural Festivals

🐕 Dog Sledding

🎣 Fishing

⛰️ Hiking

🏹 Hunting

🧊 Igloo Building

🎨 Inuit Art Stores

📸 Photography

🧸 Play Traditional Games

🛍️ Shopping

⛷️ Skiing

❄️ Snowmobiling

🏒 Sports Competitions

There are not that many Nunavut sports venues, but you may enjoy the Arctic Winter Games, Canada Winter and Summer Games, North American Indigenous Games, or the Western Canada Summer Games. Visiting the Artcirq, Inuit circus performers show in Igloolik or visiting cultural festivals and art shops are also memorable activities.

It is not recommendable to go out for a walk alone outside of the capital Iqaluit, Nunavut. There are no roads or sidewalks, so you can easily get lost. To have a wonderful time in this vast land of ice and wildlife, it is best to hop on a plane, dog sledge, or snowmobile with reliable guide and warm clothes.

Nunavut Gambling Laws Interesting Questions

Knowing the Nunavut gambling laws is important to every local player and visitor of the province who intends to play online while watching the northern lights. You can read all about them in the blog post, and here are the answers to several interesting questions about gambling in Nunavut.

*️⃣ What are the Nunavut gambling laws?

The list of the Nunavut gambling laws is quite short because it includes only the Lottery Act of 1988. The rest of the gambling-related matters are regulated by Canadian gambling laws and Pineal Code. The regulations allow all forms of gambling, but online gambling is more popular for demographic and geographic reasons than land-based venues.

*️⃣ Who applies the Nunavut gambling laws?

The Lottery Act, all land-based and Nunavut online gambling laws are applied by a Nunavut provincial government authority. Depending on the matter, the issues are dealt with by the Department of Community and Government Services, the Department of Health, organisations dealing with responsible gambling, and the Western Canada Lottery Corporation.

*️⃣ Do Nunavut gambling laws regulate land-based casinos?

According to the provincial and Nunavut casino laws, local operators can gain a casino gambling licence after they pass the proper procedure. Because of geographical and demographic reasons currently, there are no brick-and-mortar casinos. The Nunavut land-based gambling venues are retail locations selling sports betting options and lottery tickets.

*️⃣ Do Nunavut players gamble online?

This question is logical considering the vastness of the Nunavut province. The internet is strong enough to gamble online, but when the weather goes bad, so does the connection. Players register at offshore gambling sites because there are still no local operators registered under the Nunavut online gambling law.

*️⃣ What activities are legal according to the Nunavut gambling laws?

The Nunavut laws regulating gambling have limited influence because they relate only to gambling games and venues. If you intend to visit this Arctic land, we recommend you try the fun outdoor activities in the wilderness, like kayaking, dog sledging, wildlife observation, and more. You can also visit local festivals or cultural events and shops.

*️⃣ Which is the most popular gambling game in Nunavut, Canada?

Even though the Nunavut gambling laws allow the establishment of casinos, the most popular gambling option remains the Nunavut lottery. Local players and visitors of the province at the legal gambling age can purchase tickets for lotto games, instant win games, or sports betting options. There is even an online version of the provincial lottery.

*️⃣ Are there legal Nunavut casinos?

The laws regulating Nunavut casino gambling cover the same topics as the Canadian gambling laws. The province is one of the many that allows land-based casinos and gambling venues, and there is a clear and simple licensing procedure. There are no brick-and-mortar casinos because of the freezing weather, small population, and vast distances between the settlements.

*️⃣ Do Nunavut gambling laws allow sports betting?

Nunavut law about gambling allows wagering on sports events when done via a licenced operator. There are few Nunavut sports betting options, so locals who like betting on sports competitions usually do it at online casinos. There are no local sports betting sites, so bettors choose offshore operators.

*️⃣ Who issues Nunavut gambling licenses?

The Canadian and Nunavut laws on gambling state that a legit operator is the one holding a Nunavut gambling licence. All certifications, regulations, and monitoring are in the hands of the Department of Community and Government Services. With the proper licence, Nunavut operators can offer lottery tickets, poker, instant win games, and even open a casino.

*️⃣ Do Nunavut gambling laws fight gambling addiction?

The Nunavut law regulating gambling has no clause about the matters of responsible gambling. Dealing with gambling addiction in Nunavut is delegated to the Department of Health and private organisations in the province and entirety of Canada. Players can use the hotline or the detailed information at the government’s site.

Author: Sean Gonzales